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    • When it comes to subjects that inspire strong emotions, few topics compare to the adult entertainment industry. The idea of broadcasted sex, whether in print, in a movie, on a computer screen, or in any other format, may be considered lewd and unacceptable by some while it is readily accepted as a form of entertainment and arousal by others.
      But the world of adult entertainment is so much more. While pornography may seem straightforward, sex is actually only the tip of the adult industry iceberg. Much like the bigger portion of an iceberg exists below the waterline, the majority of the adult industry’s work and innovation takes place when the cameras are not rolling. Adult entertainment is a business staffed by countless employees, marketers, executives and other professionals, the majority of whom will never see their names in the credits of a film. Many go to work in offices similar to those found anywhere else in corporate America. They generate tax revenue, create jobs and contribute to the economy. Admittedly sex, or the illusion of sex, may be the most apparent product of this behemoth moneymaking machine, but behind the scenes lays a highly profitable and relevant business plan that has been modeled and copied by mainstream companies across America and around the globe...

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